Information on the Kamaishi Planting Ceremony as part of the “Friendship Blossoms – Dogwood Tree Initiative”

2013.04.27 (Sat)   10:00-10:30 /Place: Hashizume Hiroba Park, Hashizume, Kamaishi-shi

To mark the 100th anniversary of Japan's sending 3,000 cherry tree saplings to the United States as a symbol of Japanese-American friendship, the United States have announced the "Friendship Blossoms – Dogwood Tree Initiative" (Yūkō no Ki – Hanamizuki Inishiachibu) and presented the Japanese people with 3,000 flowering dogwood trees.

The Tohoku region, including Iwate, will be the recipient of several hundred of these, and 22 will be planted in a park in Kamaishi City.

The event is supported by the Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation.

The planting ceremony will take place as follows:

■Time: 10:00-10:30, Saturday April 27, 2013
■Place: Hashizume Hiroba Park, Hashizume, Kamaishi-shi (in Owatari-cho, Kamaishi-shi)

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