International & ENglish Camp 2015 WINTER - Volunteers Needed!

Operation: The Recovery Assistance Center of Miyagi

2015.02.07 (Sat)   - 22 (Sun) (4 weekends) /Camp Location: National Hanayama Youth Outdoor Learning Center

The cost of food, transportation and accommodation is FREE of charge!

A lot of children got a scar in their heart by the Great East Japan Earthquake in March 2011.
Through the interaction with the volunteers from international backgrounds, the "International English Camps" provide the children to get encouraged and to develop the sense of cooperativeness, proactiveness, independence, and awareness to the world outside Japan.

Content of the Volunteering

【Foreign Volunteers】

The roles are to be friends with and take care the 15-20 children aged 6-12 years old in the group during the camp and to make the activities enjoyable and educational with the group leader.
*Foreign volunteers can be a group leader too if they are fluent in Japanese.

【Japanese Volunteers】

1)Group Leaders
 Group leaders will take an initiative in the group, taking care of the children with the foreign volunteers and sub leaders. They will create cheerful and positive atmosphere in the group, ensuring the safety of the children.
2)Sub Leaders
 Sub leaders will assist the group leader in the group. Being flexible, they also help the general manager, nurses, and the backstage manager depending on the situations to prepare activities, meals, and so on.
 *English skill is not required for sub leaders.
 Nurses will deals with medical/health issues of the participants during the camp. They should have a Japanese nurse license and at least one year of experience as a nurse.
 *English skill is not required for nurses.

Camp Schedule
1. Feb 7th (Sat) - 8th (Sun) meeting at Sendai station
2. Feb 14th (Sat) - 15th (Sun) meeting at Sendai station
3. Mar 14th (Sat) - 15th (Sun) meeting at Sendai station
4. Mar 21th (Sat) - 22th (Sun) meeting at Sendai station

The cost of the food, transportation and the accommodation for the camp is free of charge.
We will pay 3,000 yen to those who would like to receive the transportation fee aid.
*Extra reward will be given to nurses and those who have joined or will join the camp several times.

For more information and how to apply, please check the following website. (Japanese) (English)

The Recovery Assistance Center of Miyagi
GM Building 2nd Floor, 1-12-12 Honcho, Aoba-ku, Sendai, Miyagi, 980-0014 JAPAN
TEL:022-398-9148(9:00am-6:00pm on weekdays)