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  1. Iwate International Association’s website won’t be available on June 26th from 9 am to evening. Sorry for your inconvenience.
  2. Updated Registration Procedure for Iwate International Supporters
  3. (July 30) Multilingual Disaster Support - Fundamental Training
  4. Recruiting participants for the Iwate International Association Morioka Sansa Odori Team !
  5. July 1st starts accepting reservations for the second "Chit Chat" on August 5th.

Iwate International Association
Aiina5F 1-7-1 Moriokaekinishidori,Morioka, Iwate 020-0045
TEL:019-654-8900 FAX:019-654-8922
Hours of Operation:9:00~20:00
Closed: New Years holidays (12/29 - 1/3),other scheduled dates
International Exchange Center


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