CHATLAND is…an International Exchange Event for Everyone!

■Chatland is...

Chatland A place for like-minded prefecture residents and
 foreign residents to exchange ideas and information.
 Why don't you join us?

■ Program Plans

Under construction.

■ Information about previous Chatlands

■ FY2014
□ February 7, 2015 (Sat) 177th Chatland: "Chinese and Korean New Year"
□ December 13, 2014 (Sat) 176th Chatland: "Christmas Party"
□ November 16, 2014 (Sun) 175th Chatland: "2014 One World Festa in Iwate: STAGE"
□ Oct 5, 2014 (Sat) 

174th Chatland: "International Bazaar" & "Canada & the United States as Seen through Photographs"
□ Sep 6, 2014 (Sat) 173rd Chatland: "Iwate, from Foreigners Points of View"
□ July 5, 2014 (Sat) 172nd Chatland: "Dễ thương (Cute), Vietnum"
□ June 15, 2014 (Sun)
171st Chatland: "International Bazaar - Let's chat & buy to support the coastal areas -"
□  May 10, 2014 (Sat) 170th Chatland: "Let's connect through fair trade with our friends from the world!"

■ FY2013
□ March 2, 2014 (Sun) 
169th Chatland: "Japan, from Anna and Miranda's Points of View, Plus: Easter"
□ January 25, 2014 (Sat) 168th Chatland: New Year's Celebrations of the World!"
□ December 21 (Sat) 167th "Christmas Party!"
□ November 17 (Sun) 166th "One World on the Stage ~Let's have fun together!~"
□ October 19 (Sat) 165th "Did You Know? Southeast Asia"
□ September 21 (Sat) 164th "Let's chat with our friends from Iwate International Association"
□ August 24 (Sat) 163rd "Nostalgia for Argentina"
□ July 20 (Sat) 162nd "Iceland! The Land of Fire and Ice"
□ July 6 (Sat) 161st Special Edition "Let's Speak English with Oxford University Students!!"
□ May 18 (Sat) 159th "Divine country with rich food culture - Nepal"
□ April 27 (Sat) 158th "Cherry Blossom Viewing"

■ FY2012
□ March 16, 2013(Sat) 157th "The Crown Jewel of South America - Columbia"
□ Febrary 23, 2013(Sat) 156th "What is it like? Chinese New Year"
□ January 19, 2013(Sat) 155th "The land of fertility, Thailand!"
□ December 22(Sat) 154th "Welcome to the world of Laura!"
□ November 18(Sun) 153rd "Enjoy the Heart of Japanese Wa!"
□ October 20(Sat) 152nd "Let's enjoy kung fu!"
□ September 15(Sat) 151st "Would you like to journey to Korea with me?"
□ August 25(Sat) 150th Commemorative Event "The World is Our Friend!"
□ July 21(Sat) 149th "Know more about the U.S.!"
□ June 16(Sat) 148th "Asian Paradise~The Philippines!"
□ May 19(Sat) 147th "Romania's Charm"
□ April 21(Sat) 146th "Discover Ireland!"

■ FY2011
□ March 17 (Sat), 2012  145th G’day from Australia!!"
□ March 8 (Thu), 2012  

144th Special Chatland - "Know More About Poland!"
-An Evening with Mr. and Mrs. Ambassador"
□ February 18 (Sat), 2012  143rd Exotic Malaysia
□ January 21 (Sat), 2012  142nd Let's Find Out More About Russia's Charm
□ December 17 (Sat)  141st Learn More About Canada!
□ November 19 (Sat)  140th Life in Madagascar
□ October 22 (Sat)  139th Let's think about eco-living and town planning! –Germany-
□ September 24 (Sat)  138th 'Japon' - the Japanese Community in South America
□ August 20 (Sat) 137th Welcome to Vietnam!
□ July 16 (Sat) 136th Life in England
□ June 4 (Sat) 135th World Learning Plaza - World Heritage and Hiraizumi
□ March 21 (Sat)  134th Discovering the Charms of South Korea

■ FY2010
□ February 19 (Sun), 2011  133th Let's Learn About Mexico!
□ February 6 (Sun), 2011  132th (Ofunato) Living in Finland, Scandinevia
□ January 15 (Sat), 2011  131th Chinese New Year
□ December 18 (Sat) 130th Christmas Party
□ December 4 (Sat) 129th (Kunohe) Living in Finland, Scandinevia
□ November 28 (Sun) 128th A Foreign Perspective! Iwate is ☆*◆
□ October 30 (Sat) 127th (Murone) Halloween Party in Murone
□ October 24(Sun) 126th (Nishiwaga) How Germany Deals with Environmental Problems
□ October 16(Sat) 125th Chatland x Foreign Exchange Student Round-Table Discussion
□ September 18th (Sat) 124th Let's Learn about Paraguay!
□ August 14th (Sat) 123th Hello Amigos! Kids Carnival
□ July 17th (Sat) 122th Living in Finland
□ June 19th (Sat) 121th How Germany Deals with Environmental Problems
□ May 15th (Sat) 120th The Culture of Mongolia
□ April 17th (Sat) 119th The Charms of Barcelona

■Applications and Inquiries

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Morioka, Iwate 020-0045
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