A message from Governor Tasso
during the 43rd meeting of The Iwate Prefecture COVID-19 Countermeasures HQ (November 15th, 2021)

Iwate prefecture

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Yesterday (14th November), for the first time in 35 days, there was 1 case of COVID-19 recorded in Iwate. I wish them a swift recovery.

I ask of everyone to refrain from harassment or discrimination of the person and their family, and request that they be nicely treated.

In Iwate, despite the new case yesterday, we have been able to prevent the spread of infection for over a month. This is truly thanks to the efforts of the people. I wish to express my appreciation for your efforts.

If we look across the nation, Tokyo, for example, currently has an infection rate of 1 person for every 100,000 people. Given this, even with the return of close contact activities, we can safely say that the risk of spreading and the risk of being infected with the virus is becoming lower.

I would like to ask everyone in Iwate to actively engage in societal and economical activities, whilst ensuring the infection prevention measures in place, such as wearing masks and regular disinfection, are being followed.

Currently, we are running the following projects: “Iwate Food Support Project”, “Iwate Travel Support Project” and “Iwate Safe Practices Certified Restaurant Stamp Rally”. I hope you make use of these projects to support the local restaurants and hospitality businesses in Iwate.

When going to restaurants, I recommend you go to restaurants that are approved by the “Iwate Restaurant Safe Practices Certification System”, as they have infection prevention measures in place.

There is no restriction on the number of people who can gather to eat. Please enjoy going out to eat, provided the restaurant has the adequate space, and keeping in mind to avoid the 3 C’s, to eat quickly, to drink moderately, to not shout, to wear a mask while conversing and to follow the restaurant’s infection prevention measures.

It has become the time of the year where seasonal influenza becomes prevalent. If you are feeling unwell, please do not be afraid of attending a medical institution because of potential harassment. Please go and see your doctor for a check-up as soon as possible.

November 15, 2021
Tasso Takuya, Governor of Iwate