A message from Governor Tasso
during the 45th meeting of The Iwate Prefecture COVID-19 Countermeasures HQ (December 15th 2021)

Iwate prefecture

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Today a new prefectural Basic COVID control policy has been decided upon.
The Prefecture has drawn up this policy as the foundation of coronavirus prevention measures, and is continuing to strengthen medical facilities and testing operations to accommodate further spread of infection.

Currently, Omicron infections have been confirmed in various countries around the world, and domestically we have identified those with the Omicron variant during mandatory testing at the airport. Going forward, we are quickly implementing variant specific PCR tests in order to detect the Omicron variant in the event somebody gets infected with coronavirus in Iwate.

There has been only one new coronavirus infection reported in Iwate over the past two months since October 11th and therefore the risk of infection in Iwate is extremely low. The infection risk in most prefectures in Japan is lower than 1 in 100,000 per week, hence, nationally the risk of infection is also low.

Because of the current circumstances, for the coming New Year we will not be asking for people’s restraint regarding going home or moving around during the winter break.

To the people of Iwate and those coming to our prefecture, please feel free to participate in end and beginning of the year parties, returning home or travel, as well as social and economic activities while following basic coronavirus prevention measures during this period.

Please make use of the current support measures in place such as the Iwate Food Support Project and the Iwate Travel Support Project.

December 15th 2021
Takuya Tasso, Governor of Iwate