(10/23)-A message given by Governor Tasso

Iwate prefecture

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-A message given by Governor Tasso during the 22nd meeting of the Iwate Prefecture COVID-19 Countermeasures HQ (Oct 23rd)-

 For about a one-month period since September 4, we have not had a confirmed positive case of the coronavirus.
It was when we entered the month of October that an additional three new cases were confirmed,
resulting in a total 26 cases of COVID-19 in Iwate as of today. In our neighboring prefectures,
there were reports of cluster cases where 50 or more people were infected.

 Therefore, I would like to implore all residents, visitors as well,
to continue taking strict preventative measures to prevent the further spread of the virus.

 Please continue to extend your compassion to the infected patients and those close to them,
and also support and thank all those working in the medical field and in essential fields to maintain the daily lives of Iwate residents.

 The national government has started to ease restrictions for limiting the number of people at events, therefore,
some events are gradually being held throughout the prefecture.

 Large national-scale events, such as the “Yuru-Kyara Grand Prix” and the “Iwate-Kamaishi Rugby Memorial Event”,
held this month while following strict preventative measures were a great success.

 Events, such as sports or cultural arts-related, are an essential part of life and, in a way,
great opportunities in that they help nurture the self-actualization of residents, spread the many appeals of Iwate,
and revitalize the economy within the prefecture. For hosting large-scale events,
prior consultations are conducted to discuss taking thorough preventative measures during the event.

 Furthermore, several initiatives of the Go To Campaign are ready to be implemented throughout the prefecture.
In addition to Go To Travel, the Go To Shopping Districts and Go To Events will start at the end of this month,
and premium meal tickets for the Go To Eat will be available for use starting next month.

 Such events and initiatives are hosted under the condition that strict preventative measures are taken.
Therefore, please make sure to take these measures seriously.

 We should also expect to see many visitors from other prefectures that will participate in various events and the Go To Campaign.
I would like to ask Iwate residents to welcome them with compassion and with a spirit of omotenashi (hospitality).