-A message given by Governor Tasso during the 23rd meeting of the Iwate Prefecture COVID-19 Countermeasures HQ (Nov 12th)-

Iwate prefecture

2020.11.12 (Thu)

-A message given by Governor Tasso during the 23rd meeting of the Iwate Prefecture COVID-19 Countermeasures HQ (Nov 12th)-

Yesterday, we have confirmed nine additional positive cases, increasing our total number of COVID-19 cases to 42 in Iwate.
 However, there have also been instances where contact tracing has been difficult, in addition to,
reports of multiple infections happening at workplaces and restaurants.
Since November, we also have been seeing a large spike in cases across the nation; some days reported 1,000 or more cases in one day.~
Earlier this week (Nov. 9), we have communicated to residents
to observe several preventative measures formulated based on a counsel
by the Iwate COVID-19 Countermeasures Advising Committee.
Given the current situation, we would like to, once again, reaffirm these measures
and request the following to all residents and visitors:
・ Please continue to take basic measures such as washing your hands, practicing coughing etiquette,
ventilating frequently, adjusting humidity, and etc.
・ We ask all residents and visitors to always wear masks and avoid eating out in a large group.
・ For businesses, please implement strict prevention measures based on industry-specific guidelines
and keep a record of the body temperatures and daily activities of your employees.
・ We recommend all customers and workers of restaurants that provide in-person services to make use of the “If-Scenario-Support-Iwate”~ initiatives and installing COCOA (COVID-19 Contact Confirming App) on your phones for contact tracing should you test positive,
and also for keeping record of your contact information.
・For hospitals and clinics, please urge any patients with symptoms to actively take the PCR test.

Starting this month, we have also started to organize a structural plan to improve consulting,
diagnosing, and testing measures, in preparation of the potential increase in patients with the upcoming seasonal influenza.
By this weekend, we will designate approximately 180 hospitals as a part of this plan.

If you develop symptoms, please first consult with your primary doctor.
If you do not have a primary doctor or are unsure of which clinic or hospital to go to, please contact the consultation center.

Lastly, please continue to extend your compassion to patients and those close to them.
 Additionally, please do not forget to thank and support healthcare workers
and those working in fields that are essential to sustain the daily lives of Iwate residents.
Thank you very much.