A message from Governor Tasso during the 57th meeting of the Iwate Prefecture COVID-19 Countermeasures HQ (May 30th)

Iwate prefecture

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In Iwate, there was an increase in new cases during the latter half of Golden Week, but from May 14th, the number of new cases per 100,000 persons has decreased 17 days in a row.

Because the number of new cases has continually been decreasing for the past two weeks, along with a low number of severe cases and the sustainability of our medical facilities with only 20% of beds currently in use for coronavirus cases, we will lift the “Iwate State of Emergency” from today.

The Iwate State of Emergency will lift today, but this does not mean that coronavirus has ended.

The spread of infection is still continuing, with clusters still occurring in education, childcare and elderly care facilities. Being complacent with the infection prevention measures will lead to another increase in infections.

I ask for the citizens to continue to reinforce the implementation of basic infection prevention measures such as hand sanitization and ventilation.

Please wear masks in accordance with the situation, taking the need for conversation, distance between people and whether you are indoors or outdoors into consideration.

I recommend you use the restaurants that have been approved by the Iwate Restaurant Safe Practices System, which have infection prevention measures in place. Please ensure that you are eating quickly, not heavily drinking, not speaking in loud voices and wearing masks when conversing.

Please refrain from sending children with symptoms such as fever to nursery schools and schools.

If you have symptoms, please get tested by a medical facility as soon as possible. If you are worried that you might be infected, please make use of free PCR testing.

If you wish to be vaccinated, please go and get vaccinated as soon as possible.
I thank the citizens of Iwate for being thorough in their basic infection prevention measures. Let’s continue to enact appropriate prevention measures and further decrease the number of new cases.

The prefectural government is currently running the Iwate Food Support Project and the Iwate Travel Support Project. Please support Iwate’s restaurant and hotel facilities by using these projects.

Let’s facilitate social and economic activities while enforcing basic infection prevention measures.