Accepting donations to support the citizens of Ukraine

Iwate International Association

As a result of the war, there are currently many lives being lost in Ukraine.
There are also many people who have fled Ukraine to other countries to escape the war and need support.
In order to provide support, the Iwate International Association has opened a donation box to collect donations from the citizens of Iwate.
All donations will be sent via the Japanese Red Cross Society for humanitarian reasons such as supporting people in Ukraine and supporting rescue efforts for those fleeing the country. If you can, please donate towards the cause.

1 Period in which Donations will be Accepted
March 30th 2024

2 Location of the Donation Box
Iwate Citizen Information Exchange Center (Aiina) 5th Floor, Inside the International Exchange Center
(Open from 9am to 8pm, everyday including public holidays)

We have sent the 406,873 yen we have received in donations as of April 25th to the Japanese Red Cross. Thank you for your support and cooperation.
(We will still be collecting donations until September 29th.)