A message from Governor Tasso during the 60th meeting of the Iwate Prefecture COVID-19 Countermeasures HQ (July 22nd)

Iwate prefecture

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Continuing from the 975 cases yesterday, the number of new cases in the prefecture has become 976 today. We reached a level of rapid case spread we have not reached before.
The state of infection has far surpassed the 6th wave as nationwide many regions have also observed new cases in record setting numbers, rising above 18,000 cases in a day.

In order to respond to the increased number of cases, we have increased the number of coronavirus hospital beds. We have also further strengthened medical systems by continuing the establishment of recuperation facilities for the exclusive use for those who need nursing care such as the elderly, and those who are disabled.

We will improve our testing systems through extending the period of free testing for those who are worried they might have corona virus, having uniform testing implemented for those who engage with elderly care facilities, and establishment of temporary testing facilities for those who are going home or moving around during Obon.

In order to quickly respond to those infected with coronavirus we will be making infection prevention operations the highest priority, increase staff for public health centers to strengthen the public health response system, implement epidemiological investigation as well as adjustment of hospital admittance.

Because of the sudden increase in cases, there has been a sudden increase of those who are recuperating at home.
In order to quickly help those who require health care facilities for medical treatment, I ask that those recuperating at home with access to a smartphone or computer, to make use of the My HER-SYS system where you can enter the health information of yourself or your family.

The food supply provisions implemented thus far will continue to be provided so that those recuperating at home can do so with piece of mind.

Although there are likely those who feel uneasy with the sudden increase of cases, Iwate’s medical and testing systems are well prepared, so those with symptoms are asked to go and get tested as quickly as possible and those who worry that they may have coronavirus are asked to go receive free coronavirus testing.

Everyone’s adherence to the basic coronavirus prevention measures is necessary to curb the spread of coronavirus. I ask that basic prevention measures such as hand sanitization, ventilation, and appropriate usage of masks be more thoroughly practiced.

I ask that those who would like to be vaccinated to quickly do so. I ask in particular that all youth get vaccinated in order to protect the health of yourself and those close to you.

I ask for everyone at the workplace to in addition to working from home and shift rotation, to facilitate environments that enable parents to take the days they want off, in order to accommodate for the temporary closures of schools, teaching, and childcare facilities.

I ask that businesses that are essential for the societal and economic stability of the prefecture to please examine their Business Continuity Planning (BCP) and put structures in place to ensure continued business.

Because of the increase in cases, the burden on hospitals is increasing but through the combined efforts of medical facilities and everyone in medicine, we have strengthened our medical systems, so our hospitals are not strained at this time.

Based on the national Basic Covid Control Policy I don’t think we are in a situation where we need to immediately enact the restriction of activities. Let us all, while following basic prevention measures, utilize testing, and vaccination before traveling, returning home, or going to events, and participate in society and economic activities.

From now, if the characteristics of the virus undergo a change, or if through cases among those at high risk of serious illness like the elderly increase and strain hospitals, we will have to consider implementing stronger infection prevention measures which include the restriction of activities. In order to avoid the situation coming to that, I ask everyone to cooperate in coronavirus prevention measures.