A message from Governor Tasso during the 69th meeting
of the Iwate Prefecture COVID-19 Countermeasures HQ (April 26th)

Iwate prefecture

【Japanese/日本語】 【Chinese/中文】

At today’s meeting, we confirmed the changes to the medical system that will commence from May 8th, in accordance with COVID-19’s change to common infectious disease.

We have continued to work together with the prefectural medical association and medical facilities in order to prepare changes to our medical system for May 8th, including preparing medical facilities to provide inpatient and outpatient services in relation to for those with COVID.

Regarding inpatient care in particular, we have secured 510 medical beds, which is more than the largest number of admissions during the peak of the Omicron variant.

In principle, medical institutions will coordinate hospitalizations for those in need of inpatient care, but the prefecture will provide support as needed to ensure that all residents can receive medical care with peace of mind.

From May 8th, the reporting of COVID cases will also be revised. Reports from designated medical institutions will be published once a week, but we will continue to share information on the outbreak of clusters, and other information about the state of infection with the public in a timely and appropriate manner.

As of today, the number of new cases in the prefecture is 46.9 per 100,000 people which has been slowly rising since the beginning of April. This trend can be seen across the country.

With Golden Week on the horizon, there are various events that will be held across the prefecture. While many of you will be going out with family and friends, I ask everyone to please follow the basic infection control measures while participating in economic and societal activities within the prefecture.