Now looking for applicants for the ETS TOEFL Test Scholarship Program

Reference: Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE)

The Educational Testing Service that develops and manages the TOEFL test will run a TOEFL Test Scholarship Program aimed at those going on to study undergraduate/postgraduate courses at university in 2012.
This scholarship program, which started last year, is aimed at providing support for those taking the TOEFL iBT test, and who have an outstanding school record, participate in extra-curricular activities, have proficiency in English communication and who will show leadership in future international situations.

□ No. of scholarships : 5
□ Scholarship amount : US$8000/person
□ Application Requirements :
 ・Applicant must be residing in Japan at time of application ※age, nationality, occupation, and country where the applicant will continue on to university do not matter.
 ・Applicants are those who plan to start a course in 2012 at one of the tertiary institutions listed on the 「TOEFL Destinations Directory」
 (Application is also possible for those going on to study in Australia, starting January~March 2013
 ・Applicants must hold a Grade Point Avereage of 80/100points.
 ・Applicant must have a valid TOEFL iBT score (TOEFL iBT scores obtained between 13th April 2010~13th March 2012)
 ※Applicants may apply for other scholarship programs
□ Application Documents:
 Please submit the documents as listed below by 13th April 2012 (postmarked on that day).
 ・Completed application form (including TOEFL test score and short essay)
 Please get a copy of the application form from the following URL:
 ・For undergraduate courses, a transcript of results from your high school. For postgraduate courses, a transcript of results from your university.
  ※A sealed envelope is required, addressed in either English or Japanese.

→For more details, please visit the TOEFL Test Scholarship Program.

■ Inquiries
  Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) TOEFL Division (Watanabe, Sugimoto, Ookama)
  Cosmos Aoyama, 5-53-67 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-8355
  TEL 03-5467-5477