Please send postcards to Otsuchi! (Due 26/5)

Good Neighbours Japan (NPO)

Good Neighbours Japan (NPO) are planning a bazaar for the victims of the earthquake on the 29th of May at Otsuchi Osanago Kindergarten.
Unlike the 'recieve what is given' relief distribution that is currently happening throughout the shelters, GNJ will offer a place where earthquake victims can take their pick of the items that they want, in a quasi-shopping experience.
And we have decided to use picture postcards with messages as currency!

1 picture postcard = a redeemable ticket for 1 item

After they have been used, the earthquake victims can take the postcards home with them. So please send us your heartfelt messages to the people of Otsuchi on a picture postcard!

It's up to you whether you want to include your name and return address, but even instead of writing your full address, if you are able to at least say which city you are from, we are sure that the recipient would be very interested to know.

So, everyone! Please send us your postcards!! Our target is 10,000 picture postcards! You can write as many as you like! But please have them sent to us no later than the 26th of May.

Please send your postcards to:
  Good Neighbours Japan
  Japan Post Service, Kamaishi Branch P.O.Box
  Tadagoe Cho 3-2-26, Iwate, Japan
  Zip-code: 026-0021