Volunteer Recruitment (from Ichinoseki to Rikuzen Takata)

Organizer: Ichionseki Disaster Volunteer Center

  May 30 (Mon), 31 (Tue), June 1 (Wed), 2 (Thu)

Ichinoseki Social Welfare Association (Shakai Fukushi Kyogikai) is looking for volunteers to help with disaster cleanup for Noda area.
There will be a volunteer bus (VoluBus) that transports volunteers from Ichinoseki to Rikuzen Takata on the following days.

  1. Date and Seats Available
    1st Day:May 30 (Mon) -Seats: 30
    2nd Day:May 31 (Tue) -Seats: 20
    3rd Day:June 1 (Wed) -Seats: 20
    3th Day:June 2 (Thu) -Seats: 30
    ※ When the number of applicants exceeds the quota, Ichinoseki residents (high school students and above) will have priority for the seats.

  2. Meeting Point and Time Schedule
    ・ Bus departure: 7:10 am at Ichinoseki Social Welfare Association (Shakai Fukushi Kyogikai)
      Ichinoseki Sogo Fukushi Center (1-36 Jyounai, Ichinoseki)
    ・ Please arrive 20 minutes before bus departure.
    ・ Parking space is not available at Ichinoseki Sogo Fukushi Center. Please use municipal parking lot.
    ・ Arrival time at Rukuzen Takata is around 9:00 am. Departing time from Rikuzen Takata at 15:30pm with arrival at Ichinoseki around 17:30pm.

  3. Place and Description of Volunteer Work
    Activity Area: Within Rikuzen Takata
    ※We will inform you where activities will take place once reaching the Disaster Volunteer Center.
    Majority of Volunteer work: Clearing mud away etc.
    We assume that the area will be very muddy. Please prepare raingear and work clothes to wear for the activities.

  4. What to Bring/Prepare
    Lunch (drinking water), work clothes, raingear, long rubber boots (protective footwear), rubber gloves/cotton work gloves, protective goggles, helmet, and clothes to change into when finished.
    ※ There is a risk of stepping on rusty nails so we strongly advice bringing protective foot wear or long boots with an iron protective layer.
    ※ Ichinoseki Social Welfare Association will destribute face masks to participants.

  5. Insurance Fee
    You must enroll in the Natural Accident A or B Plan (Tensai A or B Plan) provided by the Social Welfare Association (Shakai Fukushi Kyogikai) in the municipality where you currently reside.
    ※This is a compensation insurance fee in case of the remote possibility of an accident while volunteering.

  6. Volunteer Applications
    If you want to participate, please contact Ichinoseki Social Welfare Association by phone.
    TEL 0191-23-6020 (Open 8:30~17:00)

    Information Source: Iwate Social Welfare Association (Iwate Ken Shakai Fukushi Kyogikai)