Now recruting students for a fun culture exchange course! - Second Semester Chinese Course

Host: Morioka Japan-China Friendship Association

2011.07.20 (Wed)   ~Wednesday 28th September 【Every Wednesday - 8 times】  Place: Group Activities Room 2 and 3, 6F Aiina

□ Course : Chinese (Second Semester)
 Beginers, Intermediate (1), Intermediate (2)
 This course is given by 3 Chinese instructors
□ Date and Time : Every Wednesday
 ● Period: 20th July ~ 28th September【8 times】 
 ● Time: 9:30~11:30 (There is also a seperate cooking class) 
□ Place : Group Activities Rooms 2 and 3, 6F Aiina
□ Content : (1) 'Fundemental Chinese' and 'everyday Conversation'
 (2) 'Chinese Poetry and Aria' and 'Chinese Songs'
  ※(1) is taught for each level and (2) is given to all three levels at once 
□ Instructors: Iwate Chinese Association members and Iwate University graduate students, etc.
□ Fee : 3500yen(for 8 lessons)
 ※plus 1500yen for the text ('odoroku hodo mi ni tsuku Chuugokugo')

■ Inquiries
  Morioka Japan-China Friendship Association (Kawakami-san)
  TEL 090-2028-8817