5th UNICEF One Minute Video Contest

Host: UNICEF One Minute Video Contest Executive Committee, Sponser: Monbukagakusho

2016.07.11 (Mon)   1st April-11th July 2016

Share with the world!~1 minute message~

◇Theme:「No one shall be left behind.」
◇Recruitment period:1st April (Fri)~11th July 2016 (Mon)
◇Final review,
Award ceremony:
19th August 2016 (Fri) 13:00~16:00
Location UNICEF House

Primary, Secondary, High school students, students from vocational school or equivalent,
non-professional, amateur video production enthusiasts
◇Recruitment method:①Send in your DVD/CD-R
      Record your movie in the DVD/CD-R, fill in the recruitment application form, and send it to (NPO) Japan UNICEF Association, School Division, One Minute Video Contest Office.
②Online recruitment
Upload your video on "YouTube", and send in the recruitment application form after filling it up.

For more details, visit Japan UNICEF Association 「One Minute Video Special Site」.

((NPO) Japan UNICEF Association, School Division
One Minute Video Contest Office~
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Tel: 03-5789-2014