「Tsubasa」 Japan-Germany Exchange Exchange Project 2016 Recruitment Program

Host: NPO Kizuna Berlin (Germany), Sponser: Robert Bosch Foundation, NPO Tono Magokoro Net

  Germany visit: 2nd August 2016 (Tue)~11th August 2016(Thu)、Application deadline: 2nd May 2016 (Mon)

The earthquake disaster has reminded us of the bonds we share with people in the world. Many people travelled across the ocean to provide us with support. Today, Germany has extended its warm invitation to the future generation of regions struck by the earthquake. This time, let us travel across the ocean and show our gratitude to our friends.

「Tsubasa」Japan-Germany Exchange Exchange Project 2016
◇Duration:2nd August 2016(Tue)~11th August 2016(Thu)(10 days ※Including days travelling to and from Germany)
◇Destination:Germany(Tentatively within Berlin, and other plans included)

Homestay with German family、Workshop with youths of German(3D2N)、Exchange with German high school students(Debate,etc)、Lecture、Visit to high school and university、Visit to Berlin museum and art gallery, and other NPO organizations、Dresden visit、Sightseeing、Welcome and farewell party (Tentative) ※Tono Magokoro Net will provide discounts for the flight tickets.
◇Target:6 High school students in Iwate

Stayed in Iwate at the time of April 2016(Including affected coastal and inland regions)、enrolled in high school within Iwate prefecture.
①Ability to speak conversational English is preferred
②Able to help out in future exchange ventures using experience from this exchange
③Willing to conduct research before departure, and present a report as well as help out in the debrief session upon returning to Japan
④Physically healthy, law-abiding individuals
⑤Guardian of participant should be understanding and be willing to actively cooperate
◇Application method:

Please send the following documents. Write clearly 「『翼』応募書類在中」("Tsubasa" Recruitment documents) on the front of the letter. The documents will not be returned to you.
①Name, address, contact number, mail address, and reason for participation on the entry form (Any writing style)
②Essay: Title「Earthquake Experience and My Future」or「The Future of Germany And Japan」Within 800 words, in any style
③Proof of copy or high school enrollment of student card
⑤Self-addressed envelope(Long-form No.3. Write the address you reside in and your name、include a stamp of 82 yen)
◇Send to:

〒028-0522 Iwate, Tono, Shinkokucho 2-3 NPO Tono Magokoro Net Ekimae Office「Tsubasa」Person-in-charge
◇Deadline:2nd May 2016 (Mon)※Postmarked

We will first review the documents for the first selection. The second selection will be the interview and selection of participants. The results will be mailed to you.
First selection: Document review (Application and essay)
Second selection:Interview at designated location (Interviewer Robert Bosch Foundation, NPO Tono Magokoro Net Person-in-charge)
Those who pass the first selection will receive instructions for the interview in Tono by mail.
The second selection is tentatively set on 15th May 2016(Sun). Transport and accomodation fees will not be reimbursed.
◇Travel fee:

Airfare and living expenses, etc.(Roughly 25,000 yen each)will be paid for by the host. Participants have to bear all other expenses.

■Enquiries:NPO Tono Magokoro Net Main Office「Tsubasa」Person-in-charge
〒028-0542 Iwate,Tono, Hayasecho 2-5-57
Tel: 0198-62-1001