Multi-culture Kid's Camp 2016

(Deadline) /Date: January 9th (Sat) - 10th (Sun), 2016

2015.11.30 (Mon)

Multi-culture Kid's Camp 2015 - Let's study and play with Iwate University students!

Student who came to Iwate from abroad! Iwate University students will help you with doing your homework and studying Japanese at this camp. Why don't you join us? We will play games and have a lot of fun at night, too!

◇Date : January 9th (Sat) - 10th (Sun), 2016
◇Place : TEN Parks Seminar House for Youth
 ※Bus service will be available from Iwate University,
   Ichinoseki St. and Ninihe St.
◇Fee : 500yen per person (Fee for meals for 4 times. Pay on site.)

Registration Deadline : November 30, 2015 (Mon) 
     (Register by email, fax. or telephone.)
◇Who can participate? : Primary to Senior high school students from abroad & their Japanese friends.
      ※Parents can participate. Unattended children are welcome.
◇Number of participants : Approx. 50 students

※Details will be notified later.

■Where to Apply
◎いわて*多文化子どもの教室 むつみっこくらぶ 村井好子 (Ms. MURAI, Yoshiko)
   FAX 019-631-1114
   Email cunjing★ (Please change ★ to @.)
   TEL 090-5595-3764
◎岩手大学グローバル教育センター准教授 松岡洋子 (Prof. MATSUOKA, Yoko)
   TEL/FAX 019-621-6867
   Email yokomat★ (Please change ★ to @.)