2012 INDIA Study Tour Searching for Affluence・・・ Now taking applications for the 2012 Spring Tour Program

Program Plan: Live with Friends on the Earth/LIFE

■ 19th Participatory Rural Development Training

□ Itinerary : 19th Februaru 2012 (Sun)~7th March (Wed), or 14th March (Wed)
□ Outline : Stay in a rural area and learn techniques for practical rural development from South India's largest NGO.

■ 24th India Study Tour

□ Itinerary : 22nd February 2012 (Wed)~7th March (Wed), or 14th March (Wed)
□ Outline : Meet people and learn on this trip through visiting women's groups and participating in activities at facilities for children.

■ 3rd Visit and Indian BOP Business Tour

□ Itinerary : 5th March 2012 (Mon)~10th March (Sat)
□ Outline : Search for the potential for BOP Businesses in city and rural areas in India!

For more details, visit the Live with Friends on Earth (LIFE) homepage.

■ Inquiries
  Live with Friends on Earth/LIFE
  TEL 03-3261-7855  FAX 03-3261-9053