24th International Martial Arts Culture Seminar - Recruiting Participants

Inquiries: Promotions, Nippon Budokan

Aimed at foreigners in Japan training in the martial arts, this seminar will not only cover the theory and skills of Japanese martial arts, but also deepen your understanding of its history.

□ Date : 9th (Fri) - 12th (Mon) March 2012
□ Venue : Nippon Budokan Training Center, International Budo University
□ Lodgings : Nippon Budokan Training Center
□ Participation Requirements  : You must be: (1)a foreign trainee in martial arts, over 18 years of age and currently in Japan,
  understand either Japanese or English (the lecture is run in both English and Japanese),
  and be higher than first grade in a modern martial art.
          (2)As a general rule, you must have a recommendation from a member organisation of the Japan Martial Arts Association, and
  be a member of, and have a recommendation from the club leader of, a company or university martial arts club.
□ No. of places available : 100
  (applications will be approved on a first come first served basis)
□ Fee : 5,250yen (tax inc.)

For more details, please visit the Nippon Budokan, International Martial Arts Culture Seminar page.

■ Inquiries
  Promotions, Nippon Budokan
  2-3 Kitanomaru Kouen, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

  TEL 03-3216-5134  FAX 03-3216-5117