“Knowing the Mystery of Nature and the Plentiful Life of Farmers: Sumita Trip”: Now recruiting foreign participants!

Inquiries: Creative Research and Planning Co., Socioeconomic Division

2013.10.19 (Sat)   to the 20th (Sun) /Place: Sumita, Iwate

So that foreign tourists can come to tourist attractions in Tohoku and enjoy their time here, we feel it is necessary to adjust our tourist attractions` guidance information and service.

Therefore, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Tohoku District Transport Bureau, with the support of foreign residents of Japan, will hold a “monitoring tour” to see if Tohoku`s tourist attractions are friendly to foreign people.

◇Dates : October 19th, 2013 (Sat) to October 20th (Sun), 2 days 1 night.

◇Number of participants : 10 people.

◇Who can apply? People who…
 ① Plan to live in Japan until at least March 2014 (temporary trips out of the country OK.
 ② Can speak Japanese.
 ③ Can participate in surveys and opinion exchanges about the tour.
 ④ Regularly use social networking services like Facebook、Twetter、renren、weibo, etcetera.

◇Cost of participation:
 Basically, no cost. We will pay transportation to and from Morioka and Sumita, boarding costs, meals during the tour (excluding alcohol and such), and any facility entrance fees.
However, we do ask you to cover the transportation fee between your residence and Morioka station.

◇Terms of tour
 For this tour, participants will stay in a farmer`s house. Participants will have shared rooms. (Men and women separate.)

For more details, please contact us at the information below.

■Company Conducting Tour・Inquiries
Creative Research and Planning Co., Socioeconomic Division, contacts: Takamitsu, Yoshida
Higashiyama 1-5-4 Meguro-Ku Tokyo 〒153-0043
TEL:03-5773-0001 FAX:03-5773-0012

■Tour Project Owner
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Tohoku District Transport Bureau Tourism Planning Division, International Tourism Section