Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers, International Activities Panel Display

Inquiries:JICA Iwate Desk

2013.10.01 (Tue)   to October 30th(Wed) /Place: Iwate Prefectural Library, 4th floor space

What kind of activities are Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers from Iwate Prefecture doing in developing countries around the world?
How are their everyday lives, and what kind of place do they live? We will have a panel display at Iwate Prefectural Library to show you.

During the time the display is up, we will put out books recommended by JICA about topics such as international cooperation and overseas volunteering.

When you come to Iwate Prefectural Library, please do come and see the display about JICA!

◇Dates: October 1st (Wed) to October 30th(Wed).
◇Place: Iwate Prefectural Library, 4th floor space.

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