About the 2012 'Children's Dream' Fund Subsidy

The objectives of the fund are to promote activities organized by groups and organizations engaged in youth education. These activities include children’s experiential and reading activities, contributing to healthy development of children who will shoulder the 21st century.

With the purpose of promoting the development of these children, the fund focuses on activities that widen the range of new characteristic efforts run by the private sector, supporting various experiential and reading activities.

●Activities eligible for the Subsidy
 1. Experiential Activities for Children
   ・Activities for nature experience, such as camping and nature observation
   ・Activities for scientific experiences, such as science experiement class
   ・Activities for social volunteering experiences, such as caring for the elderly
   ・Activities for commerce experiences, such as traditional local industry including agriculture and fishery.
   ・Activities for sports, culture and the arts, with the purpose of exchange with other generations, cultures and areas, etc.
 2.Reading Experiences for Children
   ・Story-telling sessions and book clubs, etc.
 3. Activities for the development and distribution of children's teaching materials
   ・Activities that develop and popularize digital teaching materials, such as those that can be used on the web.

●Groups eligible for the Subsidy
Private sector groups that are involved with youth education such as general incorporated foundtions, corporations and NPOs.
●Subsidy Amount
The amount for individual subsidized activities is decided in a jury meeting.

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■Inquiries and Applications
  National Institute for Youth Education Children's Dream Fund
  3-1 Kamizono-cho, Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, TOkyo 151-0052
  Children's Fund Toll-free 0120-579-081 (weekdays 9:00~17:45)