ALT Position Available

The Hachimantai Board of Education

The Hachimantai Board of Education is seeking to fill an ALT position.
Those interested should contact the Hachimantai Board of Education directly.

■Positions Available: 1

Experience working as an ALT, or equivalent English teaching ability
Able to speak Japanese at a level sufficient for everyday life in Japan
Possess a motor vehicle license valid for driving in Japan

■How to Apply
Submit your resume (Japanese “Rirekisho” – standard form sold in stores is OK, picture must be attached, must be filled out in Japanese)
to the Hachimantai Board of Education. (You are able to submit via post.)

Interviews will be conducted Saturday, February 27, 2010 at the Hachimantai City Nishine Citizen’s Center (located next to the Hachimantai city hall).
Those applying must attend the interview.
Those who do not attend the interview will be deemed to have withdrawn
themselves from consideration

■Salary and Benefits
・Work conditions: Working conditions are stipulated in the “Hachimantai
   Gaikoku Seinen Shugyo Gensoku” (Hachimantai Work Policies for Foreigners) which are based on the policies used by the JET Programme
・Salary: Monthly salary of \300,000
・Workplace: Hachimantai City
・Period of Employment: April 2010 to March 2011 (able to recontract
   for 1 year periods until March 2013)
・Residence: If you choose to live in teachers’ housing, the housing fee
   will be exempted.

Hachimantai Board of Education Office – School Education Division
Noda 19-75, Hachimantai
Point of Contact: Metoki
TEL:0195-74-2111 Extension 2315