The Chinese Proficiency Test – HSK Basic Level

HSK Center of Beijing Language and Culture University (Japan Domestic Applications: C.TEST/HSK Basic Level, Japan Office)

2010.05.16 (Sun)

If you have undertaken 80 to 300 hours of Chinese language instruction,
try the basic level – it is the first step towards the HSK/C.TEST.

□ Date: May 16 (Sun)
□ Fee: ¥3,000 *Middle school and high school students are exempt
□ Deadline: May 6
□ Testing Facilities: 14 cities throughout Japan

For details, please visit http://c-test.jp/xp/.

■ Japan Domestic Applications
C. TEST/HSK Basic Level, Japan Office
TEL: 03-3633-2212
FAX: 03-3633-4412