The 23rd Japan Tent – International Student Conference in Ishikawa 2010

Organizer: Japan Tent Organizing Committee

Students from around the world studying in Japan are invited to Ishikawa
prefecture to experience the beautiful nature and bountiful traditional
culture of the region.

This is an international event where participants can interact with local
residents to help promote the development of the region.

Transportation and lodging are completely free.

□ Date: August 19 (Thursday) – August 25 (Wednesday)
□ Location: Kanazawa, Ishikawa; other cities and towns in
 Ishikawa prefecture 

□ To apply:
● Application documents:
  1. Fill in the form, and include a copy of your ID
  2. Copy of your health check results (occurring on or after January of this
    year, test that includes an x-ray, urinalysis, medical interview, etc.)
● Submission:
  Submit to the appropriate office at various universities, or send by post
  to the Japan Tent Organizing Committee office.
● Deadline: July 2, 2010 (Friday)

□ Submission address:
  2-1 Minami-cho, Hokkoku Shinbun Kaikan 2F,Kanazawa,
  Ishikawa 920-0919
  Japan Tent Organizing Committee Office

For more information see the official Japan Tent homepage.

■ Inquiries
  TEL 076-260-3470
  FAX 076-260-3469