Global Education Contest 2011

Sponsor: Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)

Global Education is the study of what is necessary to build a fair society where all kinds of people from around the world can live together.
In this contest, we are collecting pieces of work from around the country that can be used for "Global Education" in schools, so that we can cultivate students into the kind of people capable of acting towards resolving this problem.

□ Application Period : Monday, 6th June ~ Monday, 24th October 2011
□ Application Deadline : Monday, 24th October 2011 ※if sending by mail, applications , must be postmarked by this date
□ Application Categories : "Photo and Video" category, "International Cooperation Report" category
□ Awards : Individual Awards and School Awards  ※ the JICA Chief Director Award will be an overseas study trip of about one week
□ How to apply : For details, please visit the JICA Global Education Contest page

■ Applications and Inquiries
  Japan Overseas Cooperative Association "Global Education Contest 2011" Administration Office   4-2-24 Hiroo, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0012 
  TEL 03-3406-5274 ※Hours/Monday to Friday (9:30~17:30)