TUFS Open Academy - Multilingual and Multicultural Training and Development Course

Sponsor: Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

□ Multicultural Society Coordinator Course (10 places available)
  (Aimed at) Government, international exchange associations, public-welfare groups, corporations, regional Japanese Language schools, etc., and staff from organisations involved with multilingual and multicultural duties.

□ Community Interpretor Course (20 places available)
  (Aimed at) Those who can speak a second language, and have experience (even as a volunteer) interpreting or in foreign language consultation at self-governing bodies, schools, international exchange associations and NPOs etc.

⇒ For more details about the course or schedules, please visit the Tokyo University of Foreign Languages homepage.

■ Inquiries
  Center for Multilingual and Multicultural Education and Research (Person in charge: Nomura)
  TEL 042-330-5455   FAX 042-330-5448