The 5th Kamenori Awards

Organiser: The Kamenori Foundation

□ Purport:~
  Supports grassroot programs that promote mutual understanding between Japan and Asia/Oceania through programs such as student exchange, sports and cultural exchange and language learning.~
□ Aimed at:~
  NPOs, volunteers, groups and individuals who have been involved in~
   the following kinds of activities, and have done so for at least 5 years~
  Please note that those who have been previously recognised for the award cannot be nominated for the 5 years following their award.~
(1) International exchange and cooperation
(2) Promotion of multiculturalism
(3) Training of individuals to become future contributors to the international society  
  Please note that the recipients of the First to Fourth
Kamenori Awards may not apply for five years after receiving the award. In addition, this year the~
priority will be given to activities of those who were affected by the earthquakes in March, and~
the activities that supported the affected areas.~
If you have any questions regarding eligibility, please contact us.~
□ Selection Process:~
  The decision will be made by the "Kamenori Award Selection Committee"~
□ Selection Criteria:~
  Candidates will be evaluated on the following points~
・Degree of contribution through the activities to date~
・The activity’s continuity, independence, and originality~
・Organic cooperation and collaboration with other organizations, connections with local
・Expectations for future activities and potential of future activities~  
□ How to Apply:~
  Please send the following to the Kamenori Foundation.~
  1. Designated forms (6 pages in total)~
2. Designated letter of nomination (Please submit the letter of nomination from a third-party person, who is involved in or understands the activities well)~
  3. Any documents, such as brochures, that describe the content and activities of the
  4. This year’s project proposal and budget plan, and the best possible project report and~
financial statement of the past two years~
  5. The best possible documents such as activity reports and questionnaire results that
demonstrate the outcome of the activities~
  6. A description of any new projects, especially planned for after this year ~
  ※ The confirmation of receipt of the application will be sent by the end of September, either
via email or via postcard.~
  ※ Please note that none of the submitted documents will be returned.~
□ Application Deadline:~
  September 9th (Fri), 2011 (must be received by deadline)~
□ Content of the Award:~
  For up to ten recipients, the Kamenori Foundation will present plaques as the main prize and a
subsidy of 500,000 yen as a sub prize.~
□ Release and Awards Ceremony:~
  Release: The Kamenori Foundation will notify the selection results in early
December, 2011 via mail.~
  Awards Ceremony: The Kamenori Foundation plans to hold the Awards Ceremony on
January 14th, 2012(Sat) in Tokyo. Recipients are obliged to participate.~
 ⇒ For more details, please visit~
■ Applications~
  Attn: Kamenori Awards, the Kamenori Foundation~
  #103, 5-5, Kojimachi Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0083~
  TEL 03-3234-1694 FAX 03-3234-1603 ~