Send us your photos! 「JICA’s World」

Organiser: Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)

The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) would like your photos for its monthly newsletter "JICA'S World". Please send your photos that fit themes of poverty, environmental problems, etc. along with a caption.

The photos may be of inside Japan or overseas. Send photos of Japanese 
or those in developing countries working hard at international cooperation, photos of people's lives and scenery of places that don't get reported on the TV or in the papers, etc.
1 photo will be selected each issue, and introduced in the photo section.

□ Conditions of entry: 1. The photos must have been taken by the

applicant themselves.|

 2. The applicant must understand that the rights to use the

photographed subject are the responsilbity of the applicant.|

 3. The photos should be in jpeg format, and the quality should be

greater than 3 megapixels.|

□ How to apply: Please send your photo by email along with your

name, contact details (phone and email) and a caption (300-350 Japanese characters).|

□ Photo Introduction Page: JICA’s World Page 1「my photo」
 *Your photo may be also used (we will ask you first) for other JICA public relations.
 *We will not use your personal details for any other purpose.
 *Your photos will not be returned to you. We hope you understand.


■ Entry and Inquiries
  JICA’s World Editorial Department
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  TEL 03-5226-9781  FAX 03-5226-6396