Unicef Mongolia Study Tour 2012 "Mongolia - Let's Protect the Nomadic Children" (a study tour for teachers)

Organizer : Unicef Japan

□ Participation open to : 

Teachers of schools supporting Unicef, or teaching staff with an interest in Unicef. Particpants should be able to actively be involved in Unicef learning an support activities aftert he tour.
 (As well as asking for observation reports, experience reports and photos, and your opinion on the production of teaching materials, we may also request your participation as a reporter in workshops and seminars that we hold.)
□ Recruiting : approx. 10 people
□ Expense : 

Unicef will assist with a portion of the expenses. The participant will need approximately 200,000yen for expenses.
  ● Included in the cost ●
  Flights (to and from), Mongolian visa and agency aquisition fee, international airport fee, travel and accommodation once in Mongolia.
  ● Not included in the cost ●
  Cost of acquiring a passport, expenses regarding other travel preparations, travel to and from the airport, food.
□ Pre-Departure Training : There will be a pre-departure training session on the 7th July (Sat) at Unicef Japan (for all participants)
□ Applications and selection of applicants : 

Please fill in the application form and mail, fax or email it to Unicef before 7th May. In the middle of May, the participants will be selected and all applicants will be contacted.
□ Scheduled period : 22nd July (Sun)~29th July (Sun) 2012
 ※For more details, please visit Unicef Japan - Mongolia Study Tour 2012 - Application Requirements

■ Applications and Inquiries
  Unicef Japan School Department
  Unicef House, 4-6-12 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-8607
  TEL 03-5789-2014 FAX 03-5789-2034 Email