Now Recruiting! Performers and registered staff for Welfare, International Exchange and Environmental Events

Inquiries: Ihatov Music Communications (IMC)

  (Posted on February 29, 2012)

We are looking for registered staff for various kinds of welfare activities, international exchange and environmental events.
If you have an interest in music or event planning, please contact us!

■ Recruiting Registered Staff

We are looking for people to help with IMC events such as concerts, candle-lit events, snow light-up concerts and international music exchange events on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. Any age or sex is welcome.
*Generally, this is a volunteer position, but sometimes transport is covered and o-bento is provided.
People who love music or events. People who want to try planning. People who like customer service. People who would like to try MC. These people are greatly welcomed!
 (For more details about IMC's events, please have a look at our blog

■ Recruiting Musicians

We are looking for people who can perform music or dance at our welfare center, elderly home, hospital, hospice, disaster affected area and regional events. Any age or sex is welcom.
Any genre is ok, but acoustic is our main.
*Generally, it is a volunteer position, but some events will provide remuneration.

■ How to Apply

Please send an email to the IMC office, and we will send you the application requirements and a registration form.

■ Applications and Inquiries
  Ihatov Music Communications (IMC) (Tamura)
  TEL 090-2367-3463 (Weekdays after 7:00pm, or Sundays and public holidays anytime)
  FAX 019-681-6311