Translation Guide ** Qualification Enhancement Workshop **

Hose: Iwate Hiraizumi Interpreters & Guides Association

2012.08.11 (Sat)   10:00~16:30 / Place: Morioka (Aiina), Moutsuuji, Chuusonji

Interpreter and guide qualification enhancement workshops will be held on the following schedule:

Here is a chance to hear stories from veteran interpreters! It is also a chance to resolve any questions about translation work. Now is the time to polish up interpretation and guide skills before the number of sightseers increases with the changing colors of the Autumn leaves.

■Date and Time August 11th Morioka City (Aiina) 10:00~16:30 
        August 12th Hiraizumi (Moutsuuji, Chuusonji) 10:00~15:00 
*Participants will be informed separately about the meeting time and place 
■Participation Fee  Free 
Please bring your own lunch for the August 11 meeting. 
Participants will have lunch together at the Hiraizumi Rest House on August 12. 
Lunch fee is 1,050 yen. Please pay the day of the luncheon. 
■Languages  English・Chinese・Korean 
■Participation Requirements 

Those qualified to be a interpreter/ Those planning on taking an examination to be an interpretation guide/
Those interested in becoming an interpretation guide 
*Please understand that in the case of a large amount of participants, those with translation experience will be chosen first. 
■Participant Limit About 40 Participants 
■Application Deadline August 8th (Wednesday) 
*Reservations also involve lunch reservations, so please apply ASAP. 

■How to Apply: Please send your 

①Name、②Address、③Phone Number、④E-mail Address、
⑤Participation Day、⑥Language
by e-mail to the e-mail listed below. 

Iwate Hiraizumi Interpreters & Guides Associatio Office
E-mail ihiga.guide@gmail.com
TEL 0191-48-3762

■Workshop Description:

<August 11th>
Participants will be broken up into English・Chinese・Korean groups and given a lesson on the guide for Moutsuuji and Chuusonji by veteran interpreters. After the lesson, questions will be taken about the guide.

All participants will learn the guide for other popular sightseeing places oustide of Hiraizumi; Morioka, Toono, Ichinoseki, etc. What about those places makes them popular? What should interpreters watch out for? Explanations will be given by those with experience in multiple language.

Consecutive Interpretation Practice
Practice for necessary interpretations during guides, how to translate consecutively, and FAM trip guides, etc.

Symposium on the next day's schedule (On group separation, etc. Those unable to participate, please send an e-mail in advance)

<August 12th>
Practical Training at Moutsuuji
1 native speaker instructor for each language will be present

Lunch at Hiraizumi Rest House

Practical Training at Chuusonji

Workshop will end before 15:15

*For the 2nd day practical training sessions, reception will come first for those with interpretation experience. Please understand that there is also a possibility that those without experience will ony be able to observe.

■How to Apply
Those who wish to participate, please fill in the items listed below and send them to
ihiga.guide@gmail.com (Iwate Hiraizumi Interpreters & Guides Association).

③Phoen Number:
⑥Days participating:
A. Both August 11th and 12th
B. August 11th only (if you wish to only partly participate, please let us know when)
C. August 12th only

This workshop is administered by the Iwate Hiraizumi Interpreters & Guides Association.
Iwate Hiraizumi Interpreters & Guides Association Association Chairman, Junko Hosaya