Speech Contest (Middle School International Exchange Contest, Second Round)

Morioka International Relations Association

2013.07.28 (Sun)   From 10:00 am/ Place: Morioka Central Community Center

The Morioka International Relations Association, in order to develop international exchange efforts and promote sister city relations with the city of Victoria, Canada、have been holding a international exchange speech contest for middle schoolers—who will lead the next generation—since 1993.
This year, after taking submissions of composition about set themes between May 13th (Monday) and June 7th (Friday)、we received works from 32 students and after the first round of judging, 12 students were selected to participate in a speech contest conducted in Japanese.
The students selected for the top prize and an award of excellence will, as an extra prize, be able to participate in the 20th city of Victoria overseas workshop for middle schoolers, planned for 8 days in October to November this year.

■Time:  July 28th, 2013 (Sunday)   From 10 am to noon.
■Place:  Morioka Central Community Center, large conference room 
      (14-1 Atago-cho, Morioka City)TEL 019-654-5366
      ※Observation is free and requires no application in advance.

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