Foreign Workers: Free Labor Consultations Via Phone

Lawyers Network for Foreign Workers, Lawyers` Network for Foreign Trainees, Migrant Worker Study Group

2014.04.06 (Sun)

■This is a free phone consultation service with lawyers, with no charge for the consultation itself or for interpretation.
■We can help answer your questions about workplace injuries, injuries while commuting to work, unpaid wages, unpaid overtime wages, illegal firings, workplace harassment, sexual harassment, and other labor issues.
■You can call from anywhere inside Japan, as long as you are a foreign person or someone helping a foreign person.
■We have interpreters who speak Chinese, Portuguese, and Spanish, as well as English-speaking lawyers.
■Consultations are strictly confidential.

■Date : April 6th, 2014 (Sun 14:00 to 19:00
■TEL : Tokyo 03-6427-5902 (Portuguese・Spanish・English)
Nagoya 025-414-5901 (Portuguese・Spanish・English)
Osaka 06-4708-3637 (Chinese・English)

・・・How to Get Consulation・・・
1. Call the phone number.
2. If you can speak Japanese, you can ask your question in Japanese immediately.
 If you wish to have your consultation in Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, or English, please say so.
3. An interpreter will answer, and you can start your consultation.

 If the interpreter is in the middle of another call, we will call you back. In that case, please tell us your name and phone number.

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