Now Taking Applications for 25th Period KFAW Foreign Correspondents

Organization: Kitakyushu Forum on Asian Women

2015.05.31 (Sun)   Application deadline: applications must arrive by May 31st, 2015 (Sunday).

Does the place where you live have customs with fixed, prescribed “roles for men/roles for women?” Please report about how men and women can be freed from fixed ideas about families, raising children, and jobs in their everyday lives and be able to live up to their full potential together.

◇Who Can Apply
(1) People who mainly live in Asian countries or countries in the Pacific area (excluding Japan).
(2) People who can give reports in Japanese or English about from a gender perspective.
◇Term : July 2015 to March 2016
◇Application deadline : Applications must arrive by May 31st, 2015 (Sunday).

Please see the URL below for more details about how to apply.

Kitakyushu Forum on Asian Women
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