10th Kamenori Award Recruitment

Host: (NPO) Kamenori Foundation

2016.09.16 (Fri)   Deadline

The Kamenori Foundation (NPO) is giving out "10th Kamenori Award" to honor those who have contributed to grassroots cross-cultural exchanges for the promotion of mutual understanding and exchanges between youth of Japan and the Asia and Oceania regions.

◇Target individuals/organizations:
①NPO、volunteer groups or individuals
②At least 5 years of experience in grassroots activities
 For those who started as individuals or voluntary groups and gained NPO status later, activities held prior to attaining NPO status can also be counted as experience if they are under the same project.
③Those are are working on helping to better the relationship between Japan and the Asia and Oceania regions.
④Have not been awarded the Kamenori Award for the past 5 years.(5th~9th award recipients are not eligible)

◇Target activities:
Activities that promote the following, with focus on youth from Japan and the rest of Asia/Oceania
①International exchange and cooperation
②Coexisting with multiculturalism
③Training individuals who can contribute to the international community
Please check with the office if you are unsure about the target of your project.
You can also look at past award winners and their activities from the homepage.

Strictly by 16th September 2016(Fri)

Commemoration plaque and donation of 1 million yen to 3 applicants.
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