26th US-Japan Grassroots Summit 2016 Regional Atlanta Convention

Host: (NPO)John Manjiro Whitfield Commemorative Center for International Exchange (CIE)

2016.10.04 (Tue)   ~11th(Tue) 8 days

「Get to experience the southern hospitality for a week in adventure-filled Atlanta.」

Atlanta is the largest commerical city in south, attracing large US corporations such as Coca Cola and CNN, which represent America's spirit as the Land Of the Free.
Looking back in time, "Gone With the Wind" shows Atlanta as the largest producer of cotton, as well as the battleground of the civil war. Around the 20th century, it became known as the site where Martin Luther King Jr pastor started the Civil Rights Movement. Even today, every year on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the President of USA will pay a tribute at his grave.
In addition, the warm climate unique to the south, provides the lush greenery that beautifully decorates the Stone Mountain and Chattahoochee River. The vibrant energy of Atlanta sets it apart from its surrounding cities、charming tourists with her heart-warming "Southern Hospitality", which we would like you to experience through the Grassroots Summit.

The US-Japan Grassroots Summit will have 3 main exchange events(「Opening ceremony and Welcome Reception」、「Regional Subcommittee」、「Closing Ceremony and Farewell Party」).

※Individuals of all ages, occupation and language proficiency are welcome.

For more details on the schedule, and online registration, please see the brochure.
(Registration deadline ends on 29th July or when fully booked)

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