Introduction to International Working


NICE is a non-profit organization that host work camps and volunteer dispatching throughout the world.
Volunteer times range from just the weekend to 2~12 months.

"I want to challenge myself, but I don't have time."
"I want to make friends from other countries, but I'm worried about language."
"I want to try volunteering, but I have no experience."

All you need is spirit, desire to take action, and a little knowledge of English.

◆Application Method
Step 1: Check for news on the Information page of the NICE JAPAN homepage>>
Step 2: Select your desired work camp
Step 3: Fill out and send the Application Form (available on the homepage)
Step 4: Make the participation fee deposit to the designated NICE bank account
Step 5: End of Application (Wait for a response from NICE

■Contact Information
NICE JAPAN Co., Ltd. Manager: Tsuji
TEL 03-3358-7140 FAX 03-3358-7149