2012 Summer Tour Program Seeking Participants!

LIFE Association (Special Activities Office)

◆No. 26 Study and Volunteer Tour August 20th (Monday) ~September 5th (Wednesday) or September 12th (Wednesday)


 Visit to a non-government organization that works to support women and children, meet and exchange with various people,
thoughts on the current issues in India
 Application Deadline July 18th (Wednesday)

◆No. 19 Study of participating farming villages August 19th (Sunday) ~September 5th (Wednesday) or September 12th (Wednesday)

A stay in a rural district, participation in development worker's various techniques for rural development,
learning about sustainable development
 Application Deadline July 18th(Wednesday)

◆No. 04 Tour of the BOP Business Workplace August 27th (Monday) ~September 1st (Saturday)

 Visit business workplaces, non-profit organizations, universities and business enterprises in rural districts to see the possibilities that bloom within India.
 Application Deadline  July 27th (Friday)

◆No. 02 India Afforestation Work Camp September 2 (Sunday) ~September 9th (Sunday)
 Description  Work alongside the people of India to help restore the natural land that their lifestyle is deeply rooted in.
 Application Deadline  July 31st (Tuesday)

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■ Tour Planning and Implementation : Kaze no Ryokousha
■Local Program Planning : LIFE Association (Special Activities)
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