Official Development Assistance Area Observation -- Seeking 20 International Cooperation Reporters

Host: Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)

What kind of image do you have about ODA (Official Development Assistance)?
ODA activities and conditions are often difficult to understand because they take place overseas.
What kind of people are participating in ODA? What are they doing?
Now is the chance to see for yourself the workings of international cooperation.

JICA is now recruiting international cooperation reporters to view for themselves the areas where international cooperation is currently taking place.
JICA will take 20 people as reporters to observe to foremost line of international cooperation (Uganda and Sri Lanka).
All applicants are eagerly awaited.

There were 2 reporters from Iwate prefecture last year.

◆Country・Spots Available・Schedule:

CountrySpots AvailableSchedule
Uganda10 SpotsPreliminary Meeting: 2012 July 28th (Saturday), 29 (Sunday)
Overseas Dispatch: 2012 August 18th (Saturday)~August 26(Sunday)
Sri Lanka10 SpotsPreliminary Meeting: 2012 July 28th (Saturday), 29 (Sunday)
Overseas Dispatch: 2012 August 19th (Sunday)~August 26(Sunday)

※The preliminary meetings are planned to be held in Tokyo.

◆Application Period: May 28, 2012 (Monday)~June 18th (Monday) ※Must be received by the given deadline

◆Application Requirements:
Healthy individuals over 18 (by May 28th, 2012) who hold Japanese Nationality and who live in Japan
※Those under 20 must recieve permission from their parent or guardian.
※Those who have participated in ODA-related overseas events in the past may be unable to participate.
For details, please refer to the application Main Points section on the JICA website.
P ◆How to Apply: Application Main Points & and Application Form available at

◆Applications/Contact Information
Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
International Cooperation Reporter Management Office
Japan Life Ichiban-cho Building 5F
23-3 Ichiban-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0082
Phone: 03-3556-5926 (Direct)