Recruiting Supporting Members! New Members Campaign!

Iwate International Association

The Iwate International Association is looking for new supporting members who agree with the purpose and support our projects.
The supporting membership fee will be used for projects to promote international exchange, international cooperation, and multicultural coexistence in the prefecture.
If you become a member during the campaign period, you will receive original goods with the Iwate International Association's mascot "Ahsun" in it!
The Campaign period is from 2020 April until the end of June.


New Supporting Members

Annual Membership Fee

・Individual 1口:3,000 yen
・Student 1口:1,000 yen
・Organization 1口:10,000 yen

Registration method

First fill the membership form and send it to us by post, FAX, E-mail or bring it to our desk.
After that、we will send you (give it to you personally) the 「Transaction Form」, please use it to pay the membership.

Membership Benefits

1. Delivery of Iwate International Association publications.
2. Members will be the first to receive announcements from the international association.
3. Preferential treatment to services in events hosted by the association.
4. Special services on each of the affiliated restaurants and shops.
5. Special services on the affiliated travel agency.
6. Tax incentives available. For example for individual members, a tax return of 400 yen will be refunded by final tax return.

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