【Cultural Exchange with a Foreign Resident ~Mongolia~】

Ichinoseki International Association

2022.07.02 (Sat)   11:00~12:00

Do you want to try the traditional Mongolian game "Shagai"?

Shagai is a game which uses a sheep's ankle bone.
Mongolians use the sheep's ankle bone to play marbles or for fortune-telling.

■Date and Time:Saturday July 2nd 2022 11:00~12:00
■Location:Nanohana Plaza 4F(4-29 Ohmachi, Ichinoseki)
■Capacity:10 people
■Registration:Please send your name and phone number to the below contact
■Deadline:Tuesday June 28th 2022

※ When attending the event, please do not forget to measure your temperature prior and wear a mask.
The event details may change depending on the coronavirus situation.

Organizer: Ichinoseki International Association
Contact: Ichinoseki International Assocation
TEL:0191-34-4711(9:00~18:00 everyday excluding Thursdays and public holidays)