「Workshop with Companies and Foreigners Succeeding in a Global Workforce」

2022.09.09 (Fri)

Are you interested in learning about what type of people companies are looking for? Do you want inspiration for your job search? You will be able to do all of the above by hearing from the companies who hire foreign residents and speaking to the employees themselves. If you’re a foreign resident who is interested in finding a job in Iwate or Japan, or a student who is interested in companies who employ people, please register for this event!

■Date and Time:Friday September 9th 13:30~15:30
                   ※Admission from 13:00
■Venue:MALIOS 18th Floor Conference Room 188
■Eligibility:・Companies who are interested in employing foreigners
      ・Foreign residents, JET Programme participants, exchange students in universities, colleges and specialist schools in Iwate Prefecture
      ・Japanese students who have an interest in companies who recognize the importance of internationalization
■Information:1st Half Success Case Study KMF Corporation
         KMF. Corporation Hanaizumi Factory
         General Manager Mr. Yoshiyuki Nasu
         Facilitator JETRO Sendai Coordinator for the Promotion of Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals Mr. Shun Kurozawa
        2nd Half Information Exchange Session
         Based on the information from the case study, all participants will exchange information about creating foreigner friendly workplace environments.

 Registration  Please fill out the registration form or call us to register
  Method    Registration form:
 Deadline   Friday 2nd September 2022

 Organizer and Point of Contact
  Iwate Global Human Resources Development Council (within the Iwate International Association)
  International Exchange Center Aiina 5th Floor, 1-7-1 Moriokaekinishidori, Morioka, Iwate, 020-0045
  TEL:019-654-8900 FAX:019-654-8922

 This event is subsidized by the Council of Local Authorities for International Relations (CLAIR)

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