【Local production for local consumption: Fair Trade and Food Loss】
『What you can do for the world today』

Iwate International Association

2022.08.27 (Sat)   
Joint hosting by Japan International Cooperation Agency(JICA)Tohoku、Child Ibasho Network Iwate、Iwate Grulla Morioka
Sponsered by:JA All agriculture Iwate with help from Mama Foods Corporation

■Time: Saturday August 27th from 13:00 to 16:00
■Place: Iwagin Stadium(Morioka South Ball Park)
■内 容: ・Learning about food loss an fair trade with foreign residents♪
  We will also be introducing Grulla Morioka’s “Zero Waste Project” and the “Kid Cafeteria”
  ・We will be playing soccer with Grulla Morioka Players using a fair-trade soccer ball ⚽
  ・A curry tasting using Iwate local and fare trade ingredients🍛
  ※Those interested can also watch the Grulla Morioka’s game (Free/Kickoff from 6pm)
■Capacity: For up to elementary and middle school students and their parents, reservation required.
■Cost: Free
■Apply: Use the Flier QR code or application form below
  <Application form>(Please click the link below)
■Inquiry The Iwate international Association
  TEL 019-654-8900
  Click here for Email: こちら

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