Chatland Exchange Event with Native Speaker - France

Iwate International Association

2022.08.27 (Sat)

Are you interested in learning about the things only locals would know about France from Isabel, an Ofunato resident from France?
   If so, please register for this event!

☆Event Information

■Date & Time: Saturday 27th August 14:00 - 15:00
■Location : Online (Zoom)
■Limit : 20 people (Registration required)
■Cost: Free

☆If you are one of the following, this event is for you!
・Anyone who loves France!
・Anyone who wants to go to France in the future!
・Anyone who wants to learn French or learn about French culture!
・Anyone who wants to engage with foreign residents living in Iwate!
・Any student who wants to hear about overseas for school work!

☆Registration Method
You can register for the event using the below link.
<Registration Form>(Please Click Here)

フランスの文化紹介 flyer