International Exchange (Understanding) and Cooperation - Host Family

This program is for individuals who wish to interact with Japanese people through experiences of daily life (homestay).
Alternatively, individuals may visit a Japanese home (home visit) to learn about Japanese culture, daily lifestyle patterns, habits, etc.

1.Registration to become a host family

(1) Individuals who are willing to accept visitors regardless of nationality or race.
(2) All members of the family agree to having the visitor stay in the house.
(3) Individuals who are staying with family members.
(Those who are living alone may only apply for home visit).
(4) Individuals who feel comfortable regularly communicating any changes in their expectations or family situation.

For more details, please see below.

Homestay/home visit

■How to register
Please fill in the host family registration form (either the attached PDF or the Word file), and send it the Iwate International Exchange Association via email, fax, or in person.
※You will be contacted by the person-in-charge once the application has been processed.
・Host family application form


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