Information for Foreigners – Japanese Study (Japanese Language Supporters)

■Learning Japanese from a Japanese Language Supporter
  (a volunteer who teaches Japanese to foreigners)

The International Association has registered “Japanese Language Supporters” based primarily the Morioka area.
For those who want to study individually because their schedules do not match classroom times,
or those who want to concentrate on studying Japanese for tests, we will introduce you to a Japanese Language Supporter who will meet your needs.

(There are Japanese Language Supporters registered outside the Morioka area, so please contact us for details.)




Tờ rơi(tiếng Việt)

■How to apply for a Japanese Language Supporter

For those who wish to learn from a Japanese Language Supporter, please fill out an application form and send it to us by mail, fax, or handing it in yourself.

2022Japanese_supporter_request_sn.jpg いらいひょう Request Form(日本語、English)(PDF) 
いらいひょう Request Form(日本語、English)(Word)   

いらいひょう 申请表(日本語、中文)(PDF)
いらいひょう 申请表(日本語、中文) (Word)

いらいひょう biểu mẫu Yêu cầu(日本語、tiếng Việt)(PDF)
いらいひょう biểu mẫu Yêu cầu(日本語、tiếng Việt) (Word)

■For more information, or to apply, contact:
The Iwate International Association
〒020-0045 Aiina 5F, Morioka-eki-nishi-dori 1-7-1, Morioka
Inquiry by phone or email ⇒ Contact