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■ Childraising Q&A / Medical Exam Phrasebook for Parents

(2009 Project)
Published by: Iwate International Association

Childraising Q&A 
Childraising Q & A

This volume of handbooks was published to help foreign residents with childraising
by explaining in English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese what to expect when children (especially infants) get sick in Japan.
 Medical Exam Phrasebook for Parents
Medical Exam Phrasebook for Parents

We created this multilingual phrasebook for foreign residents who bring their children to the hospital, in the hopes that it could help ease anxiety and reduce communication difficulties. Phrases written side by side in Japanese, Englih, Chinese, and Korean.

【Download】 ※If you click on the titles or images, you can download the files in PDF format.

Childraising Q&A Japanese (PDF:1.0MB)

Childraising Q&A English (PDF:8.8MB)

Childraising Q&A Chinese (PDF:6.1MB)

Childraising Q&A Korean (PDF:3.9MB)

Medical Exam Phrasebook for Parents(Japanese・English・Chinese・Korean) (PDF:2.8MB)

After you download these pamphlets, please consider giving us input—your opinions and impressions—about the content.

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